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Published Tue Feb 02 2016


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Results management in the context of public sector reform in developing countries and improved development effectiveness, Mario Marcel Director, of the Budget, Chile, Paris, December 11, 2002

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Framework for Results-Based Public Sector Management and Country Cases

The Asia-Pacific Community of Practice (APCoP) on Managing for Development Results launches this new publication on the Results-based Public Sector Management (PSM) Framework.

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Results-Based Management Concept and Methodology

This publication provides guidance to operating units1 on results-based management (RBM) in UNDP.

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Results in Gender Equality

Results in Gender Equality- How can we achieve results in countries’ agenda for gender equality in Africa? This blog features discussions and perspectives towards this objective as contained in a publication on Toolkit for Genrer Equality Results and Indicators.

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Strenghtening Professionalism In The Public Service: An African Context And Perspective

Strenghtening Professionalism in the Public Service: An African Context and Perspectiver – In the twenty-first century, the idea of public administration has been under constant interrogation from the principles and

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2017 Annual Development Effectiveness Review

This Annual Development Effectiveness Review (ADER) presents the contribution of the African Development Bank (AfDB, or the Bank) to Africa’s development. It outlines recent economic and social trends across the

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