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About Us

Areas of Action

Knowledge Management

The overall strategic goal of 3psmars is to identify, create, represent, distribute and enable adoption of insights and experiences of best practices in managing for development results or results based management in governance, public policy, and management.

Therefore all our outputs, ranging from online forums, blogs, media centre, survey and analysis, documentation, sales of books and educational materials are geared towards disseminating knowledge on and fostering interaction between practitioners, researchers and information seekers on all aspects of our operational theme.

Our online actions are therefore geared towards the compilation, organization and sharing of evidence and knowledge, as well as facilitation of the use of knowledge by our subscribers through capacity development activities. On the medium and long-run, we hope to further enhance our activities in this direction by participating and organizing workshops and conferences that encourages:

  • Building scenarios;
  • Case studies; and
  • Future oriented and foresight discourse.

These combined with contribution from members, will generate knowledge and learning products on MfDR and RBM to continually be packaged for easy accessibility by a wide range of visitors to this site.

Research and Documentation To buttress

its knowledge management capacity, documentation remains a pillar of 3psmars actions. The e-portal allows members to upload, research and download an array of documents focusing on policy and management in the public sector, as well as on reforms, monitoring and evaluation, and all aspects of development and policy and development programme sectors.

As we, through our the site generate knowledge materials, we encourage individuals government institutions and agencies, international organizations, consultants, students, teachers as well as academic institutions to upload research papers, policy papers, reports and technical papers as well as information on results stories. Most especially, 3psmars recognizes the residual knowledge in individuals, consultants, civil servants (local, national and international) and students. Therefore, apart from documentation from institution, we place emphasis on speeches, PowerPoint presentations, news and research articles and encourage as much upload on the site as possible.

Our medium term expectation from this exercise is to become a single e-platform to host the largest volume of documentation on governance, public policy and management and managing for development results. The 3psmars analytic (blog) provides regular academic standard analysis in political economy, public policy; sustainable development policy and internationally agreed development goals and results based management, while the official blog, media centre and news pages will provide regular update and interaction on field realities and individual experiences on policy, management and results.

When consolidated, our pool of documentation will serve as virtual library and provide rare materials useful for research consultation. Our Forums will encourage sectionalized interaction by varying research subjects in policy, international development, public administration, policy analysis..etc while individual blogs creates avenue for free publication of articles for free and/or paid consultation.


Our advocacy work will be done through information available on our website. Our media centre is designed to host online information dissemination materials and we hope to constantly reach out to educate and convince stakeholders on the usefulness of results based approach to development. By the time our country-based campaigns are well developed, we would have taken our advocacy action into the desired dimension.

Capacity Building

The immediate actions of 3psmars are geared towards building national capacity towards results based approach as highlighted below:

Capacity Building through Practice Communities:

At 3psmars, we are conscious of the fact that, although the principle remains the same, approaches to projects and the application of results based management are different for each programme sector. We also believe that local realities, cultural influences, development history and reforms pathways and diversity have influences on targets process application. In order to streamline action, 3psmars enables its members to create forums based on programme sectors, practice areas and professional classification, specialization and subject specs. We have done this to create rooms of opportunities for divers users of the web-portal to meet our core objectives and societal services.

Capacity Building through Education and Training:

3psmars aims to provide opportunities for personal development and training of practitioners, public leaders and civil servant in relevant fields to facilitate their knowledge and application of the principles of MfDR and RBM. In this wise, we engage to :

  • Organize training seminars, conferences and symposiums as initiated by us or on the invitation of governments NGOs and other institutions.
  • Develop partnership with specialized schools, colleges and universities, in order to propose a wide variety of education opportunities, especially for serving public servants and staffs of NGOs and development agencies. We are hoping in the long run, to be able to negotiate partial or full scholarship for African students to be able to study for short-term diplomas or full degree programmes in areas of studies relent to our field of practice.

Capacity Building through Open Resource sharing:

In this era of digital evolution, the use of ICTs in knowledge dissemination and sharing is of great importance. 3psmars provides a platform for free and open sharing for professionals and students in the field of governance, policy and public sector management to foster knowledge on managing for development results. 3psmars enables members to create blogs where they share success stories, challenges, observation and questions on projects and then application of the principles of results based management. The interactive nature of the site allows for mutually stimulating capacity building exercise for its members and visitors. The responsive nature of 3psmars also allows the public to use the platform on both PCs and mobile devices for all operations from reading to uploading and downloading, and therefore guarantees its farther reach in developing countries where many people only have access to the internet on mobile phones.