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Saraki Urges Nigerians To Demand End To Corruption, Insecurity

Saraki Urges Nigerians To Demand End To Corruption, Insecurity – The chairman, Senate Committee on Environment and Ecology, Dr Bukola Saraki has called on Nigerians to be steadfast and united in calling for an end to insecurity, corruption, and all other social ills currently plaguing the nation.

The former Kwara state governor who stated this in a Democracy Day message to Nigerians called on them to demand that In 2015 Nigeria display its commitment to democracy, so that we have credible, free and transparent elections. He emphasized the need for Nigerians to have the will and courage to defend the nations hard earned democracy. This is a process that starts now, that sees democratic and transparent processes to select candidates through to election day where we are free to vote for the candidate we believe in.

Democracy is not practiced by mirroring the language that we speak, where we come from or what religion we worship; democracy is the opportunity to address the issues that affect us all. Issues affect us all across Nigeria regardless of gender, age or religion, he stated.

Saraki added that, We must acknowledge some of the realities that have presented themselves when election- time comes in our country, and enlighten others and ourselves against them. One flaw that we have experienced in our young democracy is that it is often the case that many of our people choose leaders based on the constraints of sameness of religion, similarities in ethnicity, and other largely inconsequential values of nation-building leadership. To counter this, we must view leadership through a lens of who will best address mine and my local government, state, or countrys problems? In a nutshell, we must elect the best amongst us.

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