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Published Sat Jul 16 2016

Like Greece, like Nigeria – The outcome of the “No” vote in Greece should be an eye-opener to disciples of so-called business. There is no business in Nigeria. Should a country with no manufacturing and agricultural sectors qualify to claim any economic importance because of its export, a mono product, which derivatives it loses to buyers?

Read More : https://www.tell.ng/like-greece-like-nigeria/ 

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List of New Nigerian Ministers

Full List of New Nigerian Ministers and their Portfolios

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$20bn idle in Nigerians’ domiciliary accounts –CBN

$20bn idle in Nigerians’ domiciliary accounts –CBN – The Central Bank of Nigeria on Thursday raised the alarm that about $20bn (N3.94tn) was lying idle in different domiciliary accounts of the citizens.

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A Restructured Nigeria, A Rebranded Nigeria

The political and economic situation in Nigeria is begging for urgent arrest. Nigeria has slipped from being the giant of Africa to a country with the highest extreme poverty on

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Results for Nigerians Pilot Project

As part of its medium term objectives, the Nigeria Pilot Project is 3psmars’ national campaign on Managing for Development Results (MfDR). It is conceived to serve as a model of campaign on our platform across Africa in the long-run.

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Finding a Remedy for Nigeria’s Troubled Currency

The continuous slide of the naira on the parallel market as well as foreign currency restrictions in the country have continued to ignite the naira devaluation debate. Most foreign investors and analysts strongly hold the opinion that the official naira exchange rate is not sustainable and should be adjusted to somewhere close to the parallel market rate.

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Sanusi attacks Nigeria’s exchange rate policy

Sanusi attacks Nigeria’s exchange rate policy – Nigeria’s respected former central bank chief has said that exchange rate policies backed by President Muhammadu Buahri are doomed to fail, the UK-based Financial Times newspaper reports.

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