As a principle, 3psmars will conduct its surveys online. We firmly believe that online activities and non paper trans actions own the future and it is good for environmental protection and sustainable development. We are engaging the services of Survey Monkey and other reliable online platforms in all our data collection services. With the help of Survey Monkey, being our principal channel, we are able to create our surveys and share it with you as prompt and as appropriate as possible. appropriately. This contribute enormously to one of our primary advocacy mandate.


Our survey system also Guarantees privacy, respondents can chose to remain anonymous and all questions and answers are specific to the desired end analysis or the issue at hand.


Our surveys are also very user-friendly. This guarantees that the user experience is enhanced through maximum interactivity.


After data are collected, Our team of highly-skilled development professionals and analyst build  the information to produce state-of-the-art  qualitative and qualitative  analysis that is tailored to meet your needs.
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