Our vision is to see development in the developing world matching the economic growth potential it has at present in the next ten years. We believe that Africa and other countries of the South are well endowed to make every of their citizens prosper. We specifically envisioned an Africa that could reverse its present development predicament into a region that matches the Western progress and combine the advantage of its abundant raw materials to become a new example for equitable growth and development. We also believe that if the present economic gains are not channeled towards development, there is a risk of breakdown someday.We are conscious of the magnitude of our ambition, but are optimistic that things can turn around, by contributing our quota through active initiative ion our fields of competence.
  • 3psmars short term objective is to create a bond of membership that will cut across countries and cultures, where we can exchange and manage knowledge for better understanding of results approach in the public sector and create a linkage between programme, research and practice sectors in developing countries towards the realization of development that constantly work for the people.
  • In the medium term, one of our major goals is to launch individual country-by-country campaign on managing for development results. The Results for Nigerians Pilot Project has been set up to test our ability for this future projection. This project will serve as a guide to our extending franchised action to other Sub-Saharan Africa countries as we continue to animate the online global campaign.
  • On the long run, 3psmars aims to become a Think Tank and number one in knowledge management of MfDR and RBM in public policy, planning and management for sustainable development. We are hoping to rapidly earn credibility through the platform of this website and by so doing grow our business and activities to the level of hosting a consultant marketplace on public sector management, leadership and institutional reform and management.
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