As an organization with a strong aim of building credibility with the highest levels of leadership in countries, and striving to reach out to the political class and heads of governments, who conventionally have less interest in what we do, but whose insights and impacts  will be most positively influenced by our work,  we consider it essential to constitute and International Advisory Group (IAG).

Also, for our ambition to deal with Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies- with the expectation that they can trust us with the handling of their digital content that will be uploaded on our website we want to remain as guarded and as confidential as possible. The constitution of an Advisory Group is, in this light, extremely fundamental.

Composed of Senior country and international civil servants, the political class, the academics, NGOs and civil society organizations, carefully selected based on experience, records of achievements, integrity and interest in our fields of competence, Our Advisory Group will constitute a Committee of Trustees that will play roles in leveraging our activities and create balance between our ambition and respect for the rules and regulations of the public service. We trust that an Advisory Group represents a strong backing for our ideas and initiatives while lending their wealth of experience to add to the quality of the services and assistance we deliver.

Please check back shortly for information on the identities of our IAG.

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