Who We are and What We Do

3psmars Knowledge Portal is an online resource centre and professional network platform, aimed at promoting research and capacity development in results-based approach to international development and public sector management. It is the flagship programme of 3psmars International, a Non-Profit International Organization that has its Headquarters in Paris, France.

The overarching objective of providing this unique platform is to promote excellence in public policy and action through advocacy for Managing for Development Results (MfDR) to enhance more sustainable economic, social and environmental welfare of people in developing countries.

3psmars.org therefore aims at promoting intellectual actions for research and capacity building towards increased efficiency in public policy, leadership and management and will support public efforts in building people and institutions by fostering dialogues of politics, government, public agencies, think-tanks, personnel, academicians, students, research and academic institutions with a view of re-linking research and policy in the practice of Managing for Development Results (MfDR). The project emphasizes national perspectives for information and action, to build on common country development route for innovation and improvement in the public service that generates assessable development results.

The Organizations actions are concentrated on developing countries but it has a special regional focus – Africa. It aims to promote sustainable development in the region and elsewhere by:

  • Informing and engaging in capacity building, research and advocacy for development effectiveness through:
  • Promoting the Results-Based approach to public sector management;
  • Increased Development Ownership;
  • Transforming leadership;
  • Local action with a global perspective; and
  • Action for collective responsibility

3psmars management conducts itself with integrity, accountability and respect by, among others, honoring their commitment to excellence in everything.

The name, 3psmars, is derived from Policy, Planning and Public Sector (3PS) Management for Results (MARS).

We aim at an increased visibility and impact as more people take interest in what we do and decide to join the movement.

For this to happen, this website offers a broad range of opportunities for interaction and exchange on public policy, institutional and development management, programme planning, monitoring and evaluation, policy analysis as well as administrative action that conforms with the principles of managing for development results and Results-Based Management.

Our respect for the principle of thinking globally and acting locally caused actions in our core competence areas to be guarded by the Internationally Agreed Development Goals, especially the MDGs and Sustainable Development Policies, which are pointers to results and multisectoral approach to development management – considering ecological sanity, economical progress and social cohesion as intertwining phenomenon which requires simultaneous actions for development results that benefit the common man.

We bring these principles into the national and local realities and hope to connect actors in local development together for a continuity of efforts to make development work for the people through focus on results and transparency and helping leadership to transform vision to policy and quality development delivery at the end of the process.

We therefore guarantee on our site, the possibility to make your voice heard on issues pertaining to international development and management of public affairs. You can signup immediately and start a blog post, contribute or comment on those of others, start a forum and share resources by postig useful documents as part of the contribution to increase the knowledge bank of best practices in public policy, development and management. This also works the other way round – as open resource sharing means that you can consult for free the documents left by other users on the site.

Membership of 3psmars, for organizations and individuals, is free. And it will always be free!
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