Policy Analysis and Administrative Science







The business of transforming vision into action and development results takes a lot of technical and intellectual know, within which policy analysis and administrative science take a large part. Political discourse allows further investigation into the structures and operations of institutions and their interpretation of social reality in a dynamic and flexible environment. Policy Analysis is also a means to determining which of various alternative policies will most achieve a given set of goals in light of the relations between the policies and the goals.  In the pursuit of development goals, it is constantly essential to investigate the governmental discourses and practices, to understand the depth of the relations between policies and goals. This is the base for correct programming that leads to success or failure of development programmes.

Administrative science, on its part is the mastery of governance and public administration. It combines the knowledge of human, financial, and other resources necessary for the smooth running of governance and government apparatus for the purpose of achieving results through delivery of social, welfare, economic, infrastructural and environmental services to the populace.

Application of the results-based approach in the public sector demands sound attributes of both administrative science and policy analysis. It is therefore expected that the duo represent a theme that will feature in all our programmes of activities and projections.

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