Zimbabwe reviews progress in managing for development results

Report from AfCoP Secretariat – Zimbabwe Reviews Progress in Managing for Development Results About 100 stakeholders will meet in Harare on July 17, 2015 to review the first 100 days and results of three rapid results initiatives focused on managing for development results (MfDR), making Zimbabwe the first country to successfully complete its action plan under the Africa for Results (AfriK4R) initiative. 

Zimbabwe is a member of the AfriK4R initiative, a flagship programme of the African Community of Practice (AfCoP) and has been working since 2013 to enhance results-based management (RBM) as the go-to change management process for results-oriented and accountable programmes and implementation structures.

The July 17 meeting will help determine how successful the Southern African country has been, while evaluating its progress in establishing national frameworks for enhancing monitoring and evaluation; budgeting; and regional integration efforts. Options for scaling up successful initiatives will also be explored.

Organised by the Zimbabwean Office of the President and Cabinet in collaboration with the AfDB’s Zimbabwe Field Office and the AfCoP Secretariat, the event will be opened by Deputy Chief Secretary of Public Sector Modernisation and Performance Management Ray Ndhlukula. A cross-section of representatives from the public and private sectors, civil society, media and larger development community are expected to be in attendance.

A positive review will help Zimbabwe consolidate what has been an impressive track record thus far on implementing its AfriK4R roadmap, while setting the tone for its counterparts.

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