Celebrating Womanhood: Make it Happen!

There is cause to celebrate womanhood. The UN has declared March 8th, the International Women’s Day. A day set aside to recognize women all over the world. Whilst celebrating womanhood and discussing issues bordering on women and their achievements; there are still emerging issues that threatens opportunities available to women in work forces, politics and education etc. However, over the years there have been tremendous steps to empower women but the progress has been very slow in achieving the desired status for women.

Women would continue to make impact in the homes and the society. We’ve had women who have had their say. As William Ross Wallace put it, many hands that rocked the cradle has been able to rule the world, one way or the other. And they still are. Wondering how I can celebrate this Year’s women’s Day? As we celebrate, let’s ask ourselves the question, how can we make life better for the women folk? Both male a female, we have a duty to stop stereotyping and allowing women their proper stay in society.

Happy Women’s Day!

Titi Oladele.

* * *


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