Votes: the hope of the Common Man

Votes: the hope of the Common Man – Countdown to the February 14, General Election. In the collective march to democratic stability, we must go out en masses to vote. Our votes count – it is our power. Nothing should dissuade us from performing our civic responsibility. Would be voters to ensure collection of Permanent voters Cards (PVC). Although, there has been escalating violence in the nation and acts of vandalization even during the electioneering campaign, we should not allow it to intimidate us.

Government must provide an enabling environment for the election, and they have already pledged that the election shall be free and fair. We have no choice than to take their words for it. We should educate ourselves on proper election behaviour. The masses must not boycott elections but be optimistic that it shall be non-violent.

Time to rend our voice – Nigerians on the march again!

By Titi Oladele.

* * *


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