Nigeria relied too long on oil –Buhari

Before a team of British parliamentarians, President Muhammadu Buhari conceded that Nigeria relied too long on oil as a single source of revenue.

He, however, assured Britain that his administration would rebuild Nigeria, adding that he expects a lot of support the former colonial masters due to the affinity shared by the two countries.

The president gave the assurance when he received a team of members of the British parliament led by Hon Chi Onwurah, a Nigerian-born MP for Newcastle, at the State House, Abuja, yesterday.

“We are going to rebuild Nigeria and there are vast opportunities for Britain and us. We share very close ties and our expectation from you is high.

“We are disorganised because we relied on mono-economic product for too long and now that oil price is down, we have to go back to agriculture and solid minerals.

“Tin, columbite, cocoa, groundnut, and others, used to be the basis of our economy, but, then, oil came, and everybody began to look for cheap money. Now, we need to start all over again.”

Onwurah said the team was in the country “to promote positive engagement between Nigeria and the UK, since we are stronger when we build on ties of the past.”

She said her team was interested on how the Diaspora can support the economic progress of Nigeria, as well as promotion of trade and diversification of the economy.

Meanwhile, Buhari has called on non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international aid agencies to complement the Federal Government’s efforts to increase humanitarian assistance to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the country.

Read more: Courtesy Sun Newspaper. 

Nigeria relied too long on oil revenue – Buhari – as he calls for international support to resettle IDPS by Sun Newspapers Nigeria

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