Results for Nigerians Pilot Project

As part of its medium term objectives, the Nigeria Pilot Project is 3psmars’ national campaign on Managing for Development Results (MfDR). It is conceived to serve as a model of campaign on our platform across Africa in the long-run.

Nigeria represents a model for Africa given its present position as the Africas economic powerhouse. In all ramifications, the Nigerian development situation mirrors the African development predicament. In March, 2014, while the media announced that Nigerias GDP has surpassed that of South Africa after a statistical rebasing exercise, they did not fail to warn that more than 80% of Nigerian citizens still live on less that 2 dollar a day. The most populous nation with its 180 million citizens and also the number one petroleum exporting country in Africa, the country should have been farther away in terms of prosperity for its citizens, but the reverse is the case as at present.

This is true, to varying degrees, of many African countries where growth does not translate to physical, structural or economic development or prosperity. Apart from corruption and other issues bordering on lack of transparency, clientelism, etc, we at 3psmars believe that a lack of focus on results by development managers are part of the reason why underdevelopment still persists. Besides these, a culture or results encourages transparency and may represent an answer to some of the inherent challenges.

There are reasons to affirm that the Federal Government, especially through the National Planning Commissions has been spearheading a lot of reforms initiatives, the results of these initiatives are yet to manifest. We therefore believe these efforts must be supported by non-governmental structures and some campaign platform that will consolidate on the efforts.

Furthermore, it is evident that states and local governments alike have not been on the same rhythm with the federal structure. A lot of 3psmars efforts will therefore go to states and local government while still lending assistance to federal structures.

The Nigeria campaign will initially focus on initiating government agencies in the three tiers of government as well as development managers to use 3psmars online platform as a multisectoral knowledge management window for harmonious policy and research documentation, information and media meeting-point on good practice and innovation in the public sector management, MfDR as well as research-practice initiatives. National leaders, civil servants, development experts, consultants, academics and students can interact and exchange knowledge on subject specifics, and will have opportunities of uploading policy papers, presentations, speeches and other materials for free mutual consultation.

Furthermore, as a means of grooming a young generation of policy makers and experts, 3psmars will create a postgraduate/doctoral forum, where students can interact and exchange knowledge on their research work and begin to learn to incorporate the results principles to research and future career perspectives.

As such, 3psmars hopes to continually host a collective and constantly-growing document of the past, current and future of the public service, innovations and results success stories to promote research on its subject and thereby fostering innovation for a future of development results evident in assessable impact on the ordinary citizen and facility of daily lives. Results for Nigerians Pilot Project.

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