Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it and then misapplying the remedies. – Groucho Marx.

The logman of the quiet past is inadequate to storm the present.The occasion is piled high with difficulty and we must rise to the occasion. As our case is near, we must act now.-Abraham Lincoln

Nigeria as a democratic country will hopefully continue to explore her political leadership position in Africa so as to emphasize the unquestionable maturity as a truly democratic nation. The current political system must be readjusted so that it can become acceptable to all Nigerians and eventually, translate to the envy of other developing nations of the world. Nigeria must pursue clearly identified development, political finesse and reasonable economic growth through credible structural changes. The Nigerian leadership approach to achieve the above lofty goals must be dominantly tied to stable political and enduring social systems that clearly support selfless service, honesty of intents, actions and transparency in all ramifications.

There is a great hope for Nigerian leaders who can amass significant support for economic programmes that can elevate people from poverty. To get to this level, the nation must search for near-perfect and highly disciplined leaders who can turn the economy around to the level that it will rival other developed nations. In the near future, Nigeria may produce goal-getter and unassuming leaders, as experienced between 1950 and 1960, who can execute credible socio-political programmes that will lead to notable national growth and improve the welfare of citizens. Within this extreme, such desired leadership pursuits will embrace successful wiggling out of the arms of prevalent poverty that has assailed Nigerian citizens and marred them in the grip of social imbroglios. The fact remains that our past political leaders have overwhelmingly portrayed themselves as mere house/gate keepers who delight in feeding fat on the national political misadventure that led to widespread misfortunes of people.

However, it is too late to put the entire blames of national socio-economic disasters on the past and present leaders. To say the truth, we are all guilty of past political misadventures and misplacement of the nation’s developmental priorities as clearly charged. It is necessary to examine outright the basic reasons that pushed our political leaders to the quagmire of unmitigated failures and unabated corruption at the cradle of power. We are not concerned with nominating and electing political candidates who fulfill the normal and reasonable indices of leadership that can augur for positive or efficient performance. The right performance barometers and supportive mentality of would-be leaders for good governance were jettisoned for mundane gifts and grafts. We have not generally considered for leadership positions, dutiful and knowledgeable men and woman, who are highly intelligent, with the innate ability, rapt attention to details, effective communicator, passion for good governance and reasonable exploitative interest of diverse national resources.

Thus, the political candidates presented as leaders for public offices have not been absolutely fair, impartial to national interests, devoid of nepotism, with no reasonable ability to differentiate between personal, family and public relationships and matters that cause political discords or disaffection in the national interests. Basically, celebrated political leaders must be able to differentiate between skewed political inclinations, personal and group interests but quite capable of aligning with the overall interest of electorates. They must not become the drain-pipes for siphoning public funds or psychologically unstable to act reasonably in matters of national interest, observe national realities while shunning the allure of being drug barons, couriers or addicts with the tendency to push the country towards the abyss of national calamity. Read more 

Written by Okunrinboye Olu.

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