Ethiopia’s leap toward solar energy

Small steps can be much larger than they seem, some steps forward become great leaps. Ethiopia, a vibrantly growing economy attracting many investors, will need alternative sources of energy to sustain production and economic growth. It is out of these challenges the country is looking for more clean and renewable energy alternatives.

The country has embraced partnerships with different players in the field of solar energy. The most recent investment topped more than 600 million US dollars in solar power generation. The Ethiopian government, through Ethiopian Electric Power, signed a memorandum of understanding with a US based Green Technology Africa (GTA) to develop solar energy plants in the country. The deal will help Ethiopian Electric Power develop a 300 MW new solar project in Ethiopia – with the aim of helping the country hit its goal of expanding electricity capacity from the current 55% coverage to 75% by the end of 2015. These projects will be active in the Ethiopian cities of Dire Dawa, Kombolcha and Desse in the next six months.

Eric Mutei in Energy (CNN NEWS)

Mar 23, 2015 Mar 23, 2015

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