Results in Gender Equality- How can we achieve results in countries’ agenda for gender equality in Africa? This blog features discussions and perspectives towards this objective as contained in a publication on Toolkit for Genrer Equality Results and Indicators.

Who Is the Tool Kit For?

 This tool kit aims to assist development practitioners to ensure that gender perspectives are incorporated into development initiatives, and to monitor and evaluate gender equality results. It presents a menu of gender equality outcomes, results, and indicators that may be selected or adapted by users.

While the tool kit focuses primarily on the sectors and strategic priorities of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Australia’s aid program, it is designed for a wider audience of development policy makers, planners, implementers, and evaluators. The tool kit will assist specialists in particular sectors to identify gender equality results and indicators; it may also be used by gender specialists who work across a range of sectors.

When Can the Tool Kit Be Used?

The tool kit is intended to be read selectively according to the sector and type of development initiative. It is not expected that every result or indicator will be relevant for all policies, strategies, programs, or projects; the selection of results and indicators will be determined by the level of the intervention, its scale, and the development cooperation modality. The tool kit may be used at any point in the policy, strategy, program, or project cycle. However, it is preferable for gender equality and women’s empowerment indicators to be identified during planning and design.

To ensure progress is made on gender equality, results and indicators need to be incorporated when

(i) developing country and regional strategies and performance frameworks;

(ii) designing programs, projects, or other initiatives and their monitoring and evaluation

      frameworks; and

(iii) implementing, monitoring, reviewing, and evaluating policies, programs, projects, and other development initiatives.

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